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by Matheus Valadares is a popular multiplayer IO game where you have to consume all other cells to grow and become the leader. You play against hundreds of competitors at the same time online. [...]

Special options

After dominating the FFA, explore Experimental mode and learn how to take advantage of spawners. For extra hilarity and popularity, you can choose a colorful skin. Look like a president, flag, or internet meme!

To make even funnier, you can make you cell look like a president, flag or internet meme! When choosing your nickname, use a country name (‘USA’, ‘Brazil’, ‘Poland’, ‘France’, ‘China’, ‘Turkey’ and many others), a famous politician (‘Obama’, ‘Merkel’, ‘Berlusconi’, ‘Chavez’, ‘Hillary’, ‘Hollande’, ‘Kim Jong-un’, ‘Dilma’, ‘Bush’, ‘Trump’ and even the ‘Queen’) to change your cell’s skin.

What about an internet meme skin? Just do it! Type ‘Cia’, ‘9gag’, ‘4chan’, ‘Sanik’, ‘Moon’, ‘Facepunch’, ‘Ayy Lmao’, ‘Origin’, ‘Nasa’, ‘Doge’ or ‘Pokerface’ as your nickname. You can change it every time you start a new game.

At the end of each game you have access to your status. Number of cells eaten, time lived, number of players eaten and your best position in the worldwide ranking are all available to boast with.

Each room also has real time top 10, where you can see who are the biggest cells at the moment.

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